Beseler Printmaker 35

Printmaker 35

This is a small enlarger that I received with my initial batch of darkroom equipment. I picked up the manual on eBay afterwards, partially to know for sure where the condenser lens goes (on the bottom of the lamp housing, not on one of the ‘shelves’). It’s a condenser enlarger, with a 50mm lens installed for 35mm prints. It can project up to 11x14” on the baseboard, and larger if you reverse the column and project onto the floor.

I have it connected to a GraLab electronic timer (I use my mechanical one on the wet side as a timer for developing the prints), and have an old set of Kodak multigrade filters that go under the lens for multigrade paper.

There is a 6×7 upgrade kit available for this enlarger, but it’s prohibitively expensive and hard to come by, especially when I don’t shoot much medium format.