Back in 2009, I bought a couple of 35mm cameras for very little money, with the intention of trying some film photography (I started getting serious about photography after digital had really taken over). At the time it was easy (and cheap) to get colour film developed and processed locally, and I figured that some practice where I was limited to 24 or 36 frames would make me think more about each shot before I pressed the shutter. Not long after that, I was offered (for free) most of the equipment needed to set up a small darkroom. Again, I figured this was something worth trying, and I had a utility room in my house that was easy to light proof, so I took the offer. Turns out that I really enjoyed printing in the darkroom, and I had a friend that shared the same interest, and we’d spend an evening printing every couple of weeks.

Fast forward to 2013, we’re having a new house built, so I need to pack up the darkroom. Because life had gotten busier, I wasn’t spending much time in there but I knew it would be a long time before I’d have a usable darkroom again. The new house had an unfinished basement, but it’d be a while before it was finished enough to use.

Now, in 2018, after being away from photography in general for a while, I have the itch to get back to it–but not really the digital. I finish the few minor things missing from the darkroom and it’s pretty much ready to go again. So I start this blog to document and share my journey back down this rabbit hole.