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Equipment: Omega C700

This is my new enlarger. Saved from the garbage, and I think it was partially assembled and never used. From my brief research on the matter, these were sold without a lens or negative carrier included, and I think the original purchaser didn’t realize this, so the enlarger was never used. I managed to secure myself a 35mm negative carrier and both 50mm and 75mm enlarging lenses. I drew up the outline for the 35mm carrier, as well as a 6×4.5cm, and a 6×6cm and had them laser cut out of acrylic. The bottom piece is 14” black acrylic, the top is 18” clear that’s been spray painted (top and sides only) flat black to stop any stray light. I’m including the file I used here: Negative Carriers .

Blog: Second Film Processing Session

I processed and scanned another two rolls of film a few days ago. One roll was freshly shot a couple of weeks ago in the Stephenville area. The other one was left in the camera with some shots exposed in 2012, 2015, and the last ten only a few weeks ago. This was all hand-rolled Kodak Tri-X, developed in D-76. I’m hoping to shoot and process another few rolls before I get into the darkroom and start printing.

Blog: First Film Developed in the New Darkroom

I developed my first rolls of film in the new darkroom. One roll was from last week, the other was one that was shot ages ago and forgotten in the fridge.

Equipment: Developing Tanks & Reels

These are the tanks I have for developing film. They were all given to me when I started my first darkroom. I usually use the plastic tank and reels, because it’s so easy to load the film onto the reel (and the reel is adjustable for different film sizes). The downsides to the plastic ones are that you can’t load the film at all unless the reel is perfectly dry (I know this from experience, as I had to fumble around in the dark to find the stainless reel one time), and that they use a little more developer to cover the reel.

Blog: Mixing Chemistry

I got my film developing chemistry mixed up last night (Kodak D-76, and Kodak Fixer). I have four exposed rolls in the fridge, so it’s time to start processing them.