First Film Developed in the New Darkroom

I developed my first rolls of film in the new darkroom. One roll was from last week, the other was one that was shot ages ago and forgotten in the fridge.

Film Developing Tools

I used my plastic tank and reels and D-76 in the 1:1 dilution. I get all my development times from the massive development chart and their Android app (which doubles as my timer).

Negatives Hanging to Dry

Once the negatives were dry, I cut them into strips of five and put them in Print File sheets. I used the ones that take seven rows of five images, these are nice because I can leave them in the sheets when I do a 8×10” contact sheet. I have a few of the ones that take six images across, and I’ll probably have to use one of those when I develop the 36 exposure roll of Tri-X I currently have in my camera.

To get a quick look at the images without mixing chemistry for printing, I taped a piece of tracing paper to a window, and taped the print file sheet on top of that. Then I took a photo of the sheet of negatives with my phone and inverted the image and adjusted the black and white points in Photoshop.



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