Canonet as Teacher

Mostly inspired by Mike Johnston’s The Leica as Teacher post. I’m going to try to primarily use my Canonet 28 for a while. Despite the fact that it’s probably not the best camera for the type of photography that I like taking (more landscape, less street), removing the distraction of multiple lenses, colour filters, etc. for a while should make me a better photographer in general.

I am not committing to a particular shooting or printing schedule, or to a set length to the project, just because I think with other life commitments, I’d be setting myself up to fail. I’m not even really setting myself up with a single film or developer; but I am planning to do this without really making any new purchases. I have a couple of expired rolls of film (Delta 100 and Tri-X 400), as well as an unknown quantity of Tri-X left in my bulk loader, and an unopened (but very expired) 100ft roll of Agfa APX100. I also have some powdered chemistry ready to mix up (D-76, Dektol, Kodak Fixer), and when the D-76 is used up I’m going to mix up some Parodinal and give that a try.


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